The Music

Different Horizons is available in CD and digital download formats from our Bandcamp site.

As the story of the recording says, we set out with no plan, just some riffs and ideas. It’s always tempting to wonder what people might think, or try for a particular direction or style that’s easier to label. This time, we just let everything flow.
We gathered for a long weekend boutique cottage farmhouse on the edge of Bodmin Moor. We were appearing at the excellent Bude Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival.
We set up in the main living room and, once we’d got over the chastening impact of Focus, we set to work.
A lot of the music was improvised from the snatches of riff that we’d brought with us. Most of the lyrics were made up on the spot and a theme began to emerge as the different grooves and moods came together.
Working that way, everyone brought their own thing to the development of each song. We reckon it’s the most complete expression we’ve achieved so far of what Storm Warning is as a band.