Shadja drones on

A few words slung together

Settling in.

All pretty civilised now. Done the big Sainsbury’s shop. A half bottle of Glenfiddich narrowly pipped a bottle of Pinot Grigio as my poison for the week.

Only one collision on our first run. A slight encounter with a battered dinghy moored on the bank. No one in it. Or at least there wasn’t when we looked. Didn’t hear a splash.

Manoeuvring a narrow boat is interesting and rather graceful once you’re more used to it. The first bit from the boatyard was very narrow with lots of overhanging branches. I’m guessing it’ll be easier once we’re away from the town and onto a main river.

On the way we got three glimpses of kingfishers flashing across the water. Brilliant, literally. And now to walk Dylan and find a place to eat. We’ll cook tomorrow.

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