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This is the first Out On A Limb CD, The Spirit Of The Moment. I made it with saxophonist Laurie Rugless at his Hada Hu studio in The Chilterns.

The music is entirely improvised, but it is melodic – more Vangelis than Ornette Coleman. Here’s a sample track, “T’ai Chi Flows”:

t’ai chi flows

“The Lake” was featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction and some of the music was also chosen by the film maker Phil Becque to form part of the soundtrack to his award-winning documentary Between Creation And Destruction.

The track “T’ai Chi Flows” was improvised while watching the T’ai Chi form of our friend Lin Williams. Several T’ai Chi practitioners have told us that it is ideal for their sessions.

“Inner Light” and “Heart Chakra” were both improvised while listening to meditations led by our friend Roger Bradley.

Another friend Ian Souch has kindly given us a recommendation. Ian combines Acupuncture and Tuina bodywork at the Cedar Clinic in Marlow (28 West Street) as well as The Marlow Club in Globe Park:

“I teach Tai Chi and practise Chinese Medicine and have always used music in these Arts for my own benefit and also for the relaxation of patients and students. It helps me focus and patients and students to relax.I have listened to a great deal of ‘relaxation’ music and have found getting the right balance of serenity and enjoyable music important. Out On A Limb hits the right note as I look forward to hearing the gentle fusion of the sax and the keyboards but at the same time, it deeply relaxes me. I highly recommend this to all practitioners of the Alternative Arts.”

You can buy the CD in the Market.

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