Different Horizons

Different Horizons is the fifth and probably, possibly, maybe, perhaps, or maybe not, the final Storm Warning album.

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Between recording and releasing the album, our beloved friend, guitarist and musical director Bob Moore died, very suddenly. So we’re reluctant to do any more work as Storm Warning, but who knows what else we might get up to?

We’re not going to explain what it’s about, because you’ll make of it whatever you want. We can’t tell you what it should mean to you.

We’ll just say this. It was inspired by change. It can come at any point in your life, no matter what. And it’s many things, but it’s not wrong. It’s almost as if we knew what was coming.

The main thing is we loved making it and we’re proud of it and, most of all, we hope it moves you and rocks you out. You know, like things did when rock music was all there was that mattered.

You can see the lyrics to the songs here.